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10 Questions Every Virtual Assistant Needs to Know the Answer To and Why

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Jacqui James is a successful Online Business Manager with over 31 years in office administration and 6 years owning and operating JMJ - EA for a Day and 2 years coaching and mentoring virtual assistants with The VA Project. Working with thought leaders, coaches, mentors and authors, Jacqui is a Kindle process SME, Lead Generation planner and very busy online business manager.

You'll never need to go into that initial meeting worring about, what they will ask, what if they don't like you, what if you can't answer their questions, what if you don't get a new client.

Knowing how to answer 10 of the most common questions can set you up for a win. Find out how I would respond and how I get 95% of y clients over the line.

You will go into your potential client meetings:

  • More confident
  • More self-aware
  • Able to avoid the deal breakers
  • Have a better chance of signing up the client

Knowing what the 10 questions are and response scenarios can give you the edge on your competition when it comes to meeting with a potential client. 

Find out which questions are the deal breakers if you don't answer the right way.

Find out how you can salvage a meeting when things aren't going well.

Find out how I respond to the questions.

Wednesday The 22nd
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